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King of the Road

King of the Road Achieve total domination of the roads in the exciting. Hurtle along winding roads at breakneck speed in the driving cab of a huge 32 ton truck. After racing past speed cameras and jumping red lights, evading the cops along the way, you have to use skill and speed to deliver your cargo in the shortest possible time. Incredibly fast, frantic and enjoyable, King of the Road is guaranteed to be unlike anything else you've ever played.
Super-fast truck racing action, dodging police and oncoming vehicles
More than 20 massive, fully customizable trucks
Manual and Automatic transmissions
20 upgrade options to tune and upgrade your trucks
Hidden vehicles include 4x4 Off Road vehicles and BMW M5
150km of secret roads and short-cuts
Night/Day and realistic weather cycles
Three exciting multiplayer modes: the manic Truck Ball, the super-fast Truck Race and the white knuckle Off Road.

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